Our Services

Everything we do is designed for your individual care

Maintenance & Repair

  • Repair work and fitting alterations are part of our lab work in the Ottawa Office. This equipment is used for maintenance of hearing aids and alterations in the fitting process.


  • The first step is a hearing test performed in our sound booth which cancels all ambient and environmental noises. This allows us to isolate exactly what frequencies and their thresholds are causing the hearing loss.
  • Once we have made an analysis of the hearing loss, we will help you decide on a hearing aid that fits your need, lifestyle, and budget. Ottawa Hearing Aid Center is a Starkey dealer and carries their full line which includes the most leading edge technologies available. You will feel confident that whichever hearing aid you choose, it will be perfect for you.
  • Ottawa Hearing uses the latest technology to help us fit your state-of-the-art hearing aid. We have advanced tools such as "Surround Town," an incredible breakthrough audio simulation technology that simulates true environmental situations such as being in a noisy restaurant or night club. We "virtually" can walk you through a day in real life and make sure your hearing aid is optimized in every situation. The important thing is that each of our clients is one-hundred percent involved in the fine tuning process to ensure that the hearing aid is a perfect fit in every way! Furthermore, you can always count on us to be here to make adjustments if needed.

Peek Inside Your Own Ear (for Free!)

  • Have you ever wondered what the inside of your ear looks or if your hearing problem might just be wax? If you answered yes to either question, then come in to the office for a free Video Otoscope exam. This instrument allows you to see a color picture of your ear canal as well as your ear drum. This helps to discover wax impactions, ear infections, and deformities inside the ear canal.

Hearing Aids

  • Full line of hearing aids, specializing in digital hearing aid technology
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Follow-up fine-tuning visit to ensure maximum benefit

Hearing Accessories

  • Premium batteries
  • Custom ear molds for hearing aids, iPods, and MP3s
  • Water protection earplugs
  • Noise protection for musicians and sportsmen

Additional Services

  • Hearing aid cleaning services
  • Routine maintenance and cleaning
  • Seminars for groups and organizations, including support groups